MGP2006 This Week

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I'm working on my presentation today for the MGP2006 conference this week at UMass Amherst. I will be speaking on a panel on Friday with Bentley College Profs. Elizabeth Ledoux and Mark Frydenberg, titled "Morphing from Music: iPods Enter the Classroom".

I built out the wiki page for the panel yesterday. We're hoping that folks will contribute to the wiki during the panel by adding their notes, ideas, questions, suggestions, etc.

My contribution to the discussion will be to talk briefly how the Berkman Center at Harvard Law School (where I work) has embraced podcasting as a tool for education both inside and outside the classroom. I am only planning to speak for 5 minutes, in order to leave plenty of time for discussion.

I am asking some of the following questions, in advance (which I've also added to the wiki):

  • How are new media tools like podcasting changing our understanding of what a classroom is?
  • How can more teachers, students, and educational institutions be encouraged to use and embrace podcasting as a tool through which more access to ideas, skills, and knowledge can be shared and built upon?
  • How can a local classroom use podcasting and blogs to create global classrooms and online coversations with those who enjoy access to these resources?
  • How can students and educators use podcasting to help bring more people online to bridge both the local and global digital divides?

I hope to also get a recording of the panel (either audio or video, or both) that I will make available here, following the discussion.

Colin Rhinesmith
President, ACMEBoston

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