Action Coalition for Media Education Joins Stop Big Media Coalition

ACMEBoston parent org, Action Coalition for Media Education is one of the Charter Members of the new Stop Big Media Coalition.

The Coalition writes,

“The Coalition believes that a free and vibrant media full of diverse, local and competing voices is the lifeblood of America’s democracy.

Massive consolidation of media ownership has dangerously reduced the number of voices in our nation’s media. Today, the vast majority of popular news, entertainment and information is controlled by a handful of giant media conglomerates. These corporations seek to minimize competition and maximize profits rather than inform, enlighten, and promote the public interest.

The FCC and Congress must ensure that our media system is, in the words of the Supreme Court, ‘an uninhibited marketplace of ideas in which truth will prevail.’

The Coalition is working to see that the FCC and Congress protect the American public from the further consolidation of US media ownership.

Click here, to join the coalition.”

Check out the blog and act now.

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