Podcasting in Education Session at MGP2006

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As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be participating in a session on podcasting in education on Friday at the MGP2006 conference at UMass Amherst, beginning tomorrow afternoon.

To keep my presentation as close to 5 minutes as possible, I’ve decided to focus on three key points:

  • Podcasting is a conversation
  • Podcasting in education should invite participation
  • Podcasting in education should increase access to knowledge

Because RSS is the contributing factor to what makes a podcast a podcast, I will highlight three main points to help encourage the ideas stated above:

  • Cross-posting
  • Cross-listing
  • And more on syndication (FeedBurner)


As a podcaster for AudioBerkman, I like cross-posting to our AudioBerkman blog at Ourmedia. I do this because I like the Ourmedia’s mission (and their awesome Digital Learning Center) and also because it increases the chance that Ourmedia users will come across AudioBerkman podcasts.


One of the great tips I picked up from Podcasting Hacks, was what I call “cross-listing” or getting your podcast listed in a number of podcast directories on the web. This increases your chance of people finding your podcast.

More on Syndication (FeedBurner)

I love FeedBurner, because it not only keeps track of who and how many (or few) people are downloading your podcasts, but it provides a number of ways to bring more visitors to your podcast.

Also, put your educational podcast on a blog (we’re working on it). It does two important things: (1) it gives you a quick and easy way to distribute your content, through RSS–increasing access to knowledge, and (2) it invites participation and learning from others through the use of comment sections.

That’s my three cents worth. I look forward to leaving the rest of the time open for discussion with the audience and to learn from them about how they view the role of podcasting in education. I hope people at the conference (and visiting on the web) will contribute their comments, questions, ideas, etc. on the session wiki.

I plan to record audio and video from the session. I will post links to both here and at the session wiki. I hope this will help to include those who were not able to attend and also to encourage conversation beyond the session.

Colin Rhinesmith
President, ACMEBoston

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