ACMEBoston Podcast: “Community Media Culture at ACMBoston”

Community Media Culture

“Community Media Culture: Trends and Emerging Practices in Community Media” Panel at the Alliance for Community Media conference 2006.

Click here to listen to the ACMEBoston Podcast July 6, 2006

From the conference website:

“This session is designed to explore the emerging community media practices and applications in the context of critical theoretical and practical issues in community media. Using recent research on community media conducted by the Benton Foundation and the Community Media Program at UMass Boston, community media practitioners and scholars will explore the potential for empowerment, civic discourse and engagement, community development and cross platform collaboration across a diversity of community media platforms – cable access, satellite set-asides, community broadband, community networks, LPFM, commercial and public broadcasting. Through presentations and small work groups, participants will build a vision for strengthening citizen participation and democratic media for the network society in the 21st century.”

Fred Johnson, The Community Media & Technology Program,
University of Massachussetts Boston, College of Public & Community Service

Hye-Jung Park, Program Director, Media Justice Fund, Funding Exchange

Inja Coates, Media Tank

Barbara Popovic, Executive Director, Chicago Access Corp.

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