“We Say No to S.2686”

(Telecom legislation updates from Save Access)

“At present we do not support S.2686. The Bill passed in the Commerce Committee in a 15-7 vote. It excludes much needed protections against red-lining (there are no enforceable build-out provisions) and also fails to protect net neutrality. These are two key issues we can’t compromise on. The ‘broadcast flag’ amendment is also a clear example of blatant industry protectionism and should be removed. Likewise the ambiguity in the Ensign amendment over AT&T’s ‘HomeZone” satellite TV service and whether it falls under the proposed video franchising requirements is another major cause for concern. In short, this legislation is unacceptable, it seeks to serve many corporate masters at the expense of a coherent social vision for democratic media.”

What happens Next?

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