Radio Free Nashville

During Hannah Sassaman’s presentation at the Alliance for Community Media conference, she played a video from a Prometheus Radio Project barnraising with Radio Free Nashville.

Media Policy Blog posted the video:

Low Power to the People: Radio Free Nashville

Watch the video here

“In the spirit of neighbors pulling together to put up a new building, Prometheus holds radio barnraisings, events where we build individual community radio stations while advancing the movement for media democracy. Prometheus barnraisings allow new programmers to meet and new stations to compare notes on fundraising and equipment. At a typical barnraising, we bring expert facilitators to lead workshops on all sorts of topics of interest to new radio stations – like organizing within the FCC, introductions to different aspects of radio engineering, updates on media and democracy campaigns, and how radio can promote today’s social change.This short documentary profiles the barnraising of 98.9 WRFN-LPFM, Radio Free Nashville.” – Media Policy Blog

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