Online Project Space for Independent Media Producers

Over at the ACM Boston conference website, there are a number of links to online collaborative tools for public access producers and community media creators, including the Producer’s Forum:

About The Producer’s Forum
“ provides collaboration tools for public access television, commmunity media and independent producers to share thoughts and develop projects.

Producers’ Forum was initially created to increase and improve communication and collaboration between public access television producers. In this, it is part of a broader effort effort spearheaded by PEGspace and United Stations to reinvision the role and services of Access Television through improved tools and technology resources.

Producers’ Forum is designed and maintained by Ben Sheldon, an AmeriCorps*VISTA currently serving through the CTC VISTA Project. He has been supported by Peter Bull of the DigitalBicycle Project.” – About The Producer’s Forum

To learn more and to get started collaborating with other producers on a community media project today, visit the Producer’s Forum.

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