Join Us to Save Public Access!

(From the CCTV August 10, 2006 E-mail Update)

Attend A Critical, Local Telecomm Hearing

“CCTV needs your attendance at a hearing to oppose Verizon’s attempt to change the way that cable franchising is done in the Commonwwealth! Verizon filed a Petition for Rulemaking (CTV Docket 06-1) with the Department of Telecommunications and Energy on March 16. The Order, Hearing Notice, and Docket Index may be found here.

Verizon’s efforts are to eliminate what they consider ‘barriers’ to rolling out their video services. They are trying to remove cities’ and towns’ control over our public rights of way by eliminating local franchising.

The franchise process provides an opportunity for municipalities to negotiate additional benefits, and to set rules for how a service provider will do business. Verizon is requesting that this negotiation period, currently regulated at thirty six months, be reduced to just 90 days!

The hearing will be on August 16th, 10 a.m., at the Cable Division/DTE offices at One South Station, Hearing Room A. If you are interested in attending, please contact Jennifer at (617) 661-6900, who will be organizing a trip to the hearing.

If there seems to be a huge expected turnout, there may be a change of venue. Please stay tuned to the CCTV website, or call, if you have questions about the location.

It is important that the DTE see that there is extensive grass roots opposition to this proposal – if you can come, please try to make the effort!” – Cambridge Community Television

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