Videoblogging Workshop with Boston Neighborhood Producer’s Group Part 2

At yesterday’s videoblogging workshop at UMass Boston
Photo by Hiram Scott, BNPG

Yesterday afternoon, Danielle Martin, Hiram Scott of the Boston Neighborhood Producer’s Group, and I held a second videoblogging workshop for members of BNPG at UMass Boston. Hiram blogged the workshop today:

“Because many of our members are active television producers this new tool will prove to be invaluable as they share news and information, as well as their creative works with a much broader and diverse audience.”

We spent the second workshop helping members set-up their own Blogger blogs. By the end, everyone had set-up their own blogs and entered the world of blogging. All of the new BNPG member blogs can be found find listed in the left column of the BNPG blog.

We focused mainly on blogging yesterday as a first step towards assisting BNPG members with learning how to post video on their blogs. This allowed us to start slow. We wanted to make sure that all members had enough time to ask questions and understand many of the concepts introduced during the workshop.

We arranged the workshop so that Danielle, Hiram and I would discuss and show a few things for 10 or 15 minutes using the overhead and then BNPG members had lots of time to apply these concepts at their computer workstations.

Although we don’t have a date set for the next workshop yet, our goal with these workshops is to assist BNPG members with learning how to video blog and share clips from their public access TV shows using the web. For the next workshop we will most likely move to to show as an easy tool for uploading and hosting video.

Yesterday was very lively and a lot of fun. We thank BNPG for allowing ACMEBoston to have the opportunity to work with them. It’s been exciting to be apart of a process that has allowed a new group of public access TV producers to gain the tools, skills and knowledge to begin sharing their stories using the world wide web.

Colin Rhinesmith
President, ACMEBoston

One Response to Videoblogging Workshop with Boston Neighborhood Producer’s Group Part 2

  1. 2hope says:

    Hi Colin, enjoyed having you at the workshop, thanks for your support and assistance in the BNPG’s efforts in educating its members about blogging. Look forward to the next workshop where participants will actually upload video!


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