Community Media Documentary Released from The Center for Social Media

The Center for Social Media at American University has released a 17 minute documentary produced by Martin Lucas. The video takes “viewers to three different cities where communities are using media to promote workers rights, empower voters, and fill cracks in the social welfare system.”

“Focusing on Chicago’s CAN-TV, Brooklyn’s BCAT and DCTV’s work with the Edgewood Terrace project in Washington D.C.’s Northeast, the video features interviews with community and labor activists, as well as community media professionals including Greg Boozell of CAN-TV, Jessica Venegas of Community Preservation and Development Corporation and Carlos Pareja of Brooklyn’s BCAT.

The video examines details of community media outreach from a media center point of view as well as asking how and why community organizations are taking up media tools in these three cities.”

Watch the documentary here.

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