ACME’s E-newsletter/September 2006 (#9)

ACME’s e-newsletter/September 2006 (#9)
Sponsored by the Action Coalition for Media Education (ACME)

OCTOBER 6-8, 2006 in BURLINGTON, VERMONT; Champlain College and the Wyndham Burlington

“Facing the Media Crisis: Media Education For Reform, Justice, and Democracy.” Register here:

FIFTY MEDIA EDUCATION WORKSHOPS taught by experienced teachers from around the continent!
Plus TWENTY KEYNOTES AND PLENARY SPEAKERS and a whole bunch of fun.

Just Added – ACME Summit Special Events!

Friday Evening:
A special 9:00-10:30 p.m. Wyndham Burlington screening of the NEW 10th anniversary DVD edition of “The Ad and the Ego,” with a Q and A dialogue with director Harold Boihem.

Saturday Lunch Panel (300 attendees maximum – optional lunch):
Beyond the “Dean Scream” – Lessons From Inside the Presidential Campaign of Howard Dean
ON-CAMPUS LUNCH AND PANEL DISCUSSION: $15 meal fee/First come, first served/300 attendees maximum.
This panel discussion, in association with a forthcoming book about the Dean campaign and the internet, will involve presentations by several individuals who worked inside the Dean campaign for President in 2003. The significance of that remarkable moment in the history of American politics has yet to be fully understood. The panelists’ stories of life inside the campaign provide some surprising insights into what happened, what worked, what didn’t, and what can be concluded about future efforts to increase the democratic character of American political life. Featuring Dean Internet campaign manager Zephyr Teachout, UVM media and communications professor Tom Streeter, and national blogging presence and Ned Lamont Internet campaigner Aldon Haynes.

Saturday Evening: ACME Around Town: Special Screenings and Events

7:00 – 11:00 135 Church Street, The “Fire House Gallery” Screening Room
“A Night of New Films from the Media Education Foundation” Come preview a variety of new MEF films and dialogue with the directors and producers!

7:00: Welcome and Introduction to the evening. Bill Yousman, Media Education Foundation and Professor of Communication at Central Connecticut State University. Class Dismissed: How Television Frames the Working Class—Introduced by the film’s co-producer, Pepi Leistyna, Professor of Linguistics at UMASS.

8:30: Big Bucks, Big Pharma: Marketing Disease and Pushing Drugs— Introduced by Ronit Ridberg, producer of this and other MEF films including Spin the Bottle, and Wrestling with Manhood.

10:00: Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People. Introduced by Bill Yousman.

8:00 – 11:00 Champlain College, Alumni Auditorium
“Censored In The USA: Election Integrity, 9/11Truth, Impeachment
Co-Sponsored by “Seven Stories Press” (
An assessment of the legality of recent Bush Administration actions, the reliability of our electoral process, the truth about 9-11, and their implications for democracy in the US. Featuring statistician and author Steve Freeman of Was the 2004 Presidential Election
Stolen?: Exit Polls, Election Fraud and the Official Count and Peter Phillips of Impeach The President and Censored 2007.

8:00 – 9:30 The Flynn Theater; Downtown Burlington
“FINDING THE DOORBELL”– Cindy Pierce’s One Woman Show
Join rising star comedienne Cindy Pierce for a side-splitting intimate evening of comedy! ACME Summit attendees may receive a discount on tickets by presenting ACME Summit name tags at the Flynn Theater box office prior to the show.

Sunday Night: The Wyndham, Burlington
Vermont Premiere of Robert Greenwald’s new film “Iraq For Sale” – 7:30 – 9:00. FREE to all Summit attendees! $25 for all non-Summit one night guests. Keynote addresses by U.S. Senate candidate Bernie Sanders and “Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman to follow.


Good Night and Good Luck star David Strathairn (playing Edward R. Murrow), Wally Bowen, Internet citizen activist and MAIN founder. Jeff Chester, Center for Digital Democracy executive director and leader in the fight to keep the Internet free and open. Lauren-Glenn Davitian, Executive Director, CCTV Center for Media and Democracy. Doug Gentile, media effects researcher and author. Josh Golin, Center for Commercial-Free Childhood. Amy Goodman, journalist and host of Pacifica Radio’s “Democracy Now.” Sut Jhally, author, speaker, filmmaker, and founder of the Media Education Foundation. Jean Kilbourne, popular speaker and author of Killing Us Softly and Can’t Buy My Love. Pepi Leistyna, author, filmmaker, and applied linguistics activist. Robert Jensen, University of Texas journalism professor and cogent critic of our corporate commercial media culture. Bob McCannon, long time popular speaker, NMMLP founding executive director, and ACME co-founder. Bill McKibben, popular speaker and author of the seminal The Age Of Missing Information. Carrie McLaren, blogger, hactivist, and ‘Stay Free!’ magazine founder. David Mindich, St. Michaels College Journalism professor and author of Tuned Out: Why Americans Under Forty Don’t Follow The News. Peter Phillips, Project Censored executive director. Harvard University public health researcher Michael Rich. Anthony Riddle, Alliance for Community Media executive director. Commercial Alert Executive Director Gary Ruskin. One of the few independent Congressmen and U.S. Senate candidate, Bernard Sanders. Indy media leader Pete Tridesh, Prometheus Radio Project. Josh Silver, a leading media reformer and Free Press executive director. John Stauber, Center for Media and Democracy co-founder and author of many popular books and videos about the stealth industry. Diane Wilson, irrepressible citizen activist and famous author of An Unreasonable Woman.

Co-Sponsored By: Champlain College, Chelsea Green Press, CCTV, Center for Social Media, Media Education Foundation, Meme-FILMS, New Mexico Media Literacy Project, TV-B-Gone, and the Vermont Guardian.

Peak Foliage and Leaf Peeping As An Added Bonus!

Please circulate globally. We rely on electronic word of mouth.
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