ACME Board President Rob Williams at Wednesday’s Save The Internet – Vermont Event

September 1, 2006

Pictures from VPIRG’s SavetheInternet Coalition’s Net Neutrality Event

From Vermont PIRG:

“August 31, 2006 in front of Senator Jeffords office in Montpelier, Vermont

Press release here includes speaker bios

Go Rob, ACME, and VPIRG!

For more, read “National Outpouring of Support for Net Neutrality” from the blog.


Verizon Listens to Customers/FCC and Drops DSL Fee

September 1, 2006

This past Saturday, I blogged about receiving my email from Verizon (my DSL carrier) stating that it was going to increase its monthly fees from $1.25 a month to $2.83 a month. The surcharge was set to be imposed based on the elimination of the Federal Universal Service Fund, that had been in place to help subsidize access to rural and low-income communities.

In a (to me) surprising reversal, a big win for consumer advocate groups, and a credit to Verizon, press reports reveal that it is now dropping its DSL fee, following a Federal Communications Commission inquiry into the adopted fee.

For more, read the following articles (via Benton Foundation Headlines):

Colin Rhinesmith
President, ACMEBoston