Creative Voices Call For Stronger Net Neutrality Rules

The Center for Creative Voices in Media filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission yesterday calling for “strong and enforceable” Net Neutrality conditions for the AT&T – BellSouth merger.

What is at stake here is nothing less than the future of the Internet, and whether the future Internet will be open or closed to independent and diverse voices and viewpoints. Not just creative voices – all voices. Will consumers retain the freedom to access any website, as they could when government policies were in place that ensured nondiscriminatory access, or will they be restricted to visiting sites approved by – or in business with – the “gatekeeper” that provides high speed Internet access?

The entire comments can be found by following this link.

One Response to Creative Voices Call For Stronger Net Neutrality Rules

  1. HandsOff says:

    We at the Hands Off the Internet coalition believe that the issue of “net neutrality” has no place in the merger of two independent companies and should instead be addressed on an industry-wide level. Please visit us at for more information on our coalition and net neutrality.

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