ACMEBoston is the Greater Boston Chapter of the Action Coalition for Media Education.

ACMEBoston is an all-volunteer grassroots coalition of media educators, students, independent media makers, media and telecom policy reform advocates, and concerned citizens working to Create, Educate, and Mobilize for media and social change.

ACMEBoston brings ACME‘s unique approach to media education to Greater Boston involving people of all ages, from all backgrounds in linking media education with civic activism and engagement.

ACMEBoston provides an all-inclusive approach to media literacy education, independent media making, and activism that embraces racial, economic, and gender justice. ACMEBoston also highlights and supports individuals and organizations in the Greater Boston area working to achieve a more just, equitable, and representative media system and society for the 21st century.

ACMEBoston‘s three step approach:

1. CREATE – Using and sharing media production tools, skills, and knowledge to promote self-expression, artistic creation, and social change.

2. EDUCATE – Building a critical media literacy framework that questions, challenges, and creates alternatives to corporate media images and messages.

3. MOBILIZE – Public mobilization through civic engagement to create a more just, equitable, and representative media system and society.

ACMEBoston is working to put power back in the hands of people
for real media and social change.


Consider joining ACME today. Besides gaining free access to study guides and discounts on media education resources, half of your membership dues will be returned to ACMEBoston to support our work here at home. Learn more about ACME’s mission!


Contact ACMEBoston

To contact ACMEBoston send an email to: info (AT) acmeboston.org.

ACMEBoston would like to thank Media Working Group for their generous support that helped our local ACME Chapter get started.

ACMEBoston is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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  1. Renee Hobbs says:

    Thanks for passing this along to your members:

    On Thursday, January 11th, Renee Hobbs will be at Concord High School in Concord, New Hampshire to talk about her new book, Reading the Media: Media Literacy in High School English. The book profiles the media literacy program at Concord High School, which was established in 1998 by the English Department and is an example of a successful district-level initiative in media literacy. For more information, please contact Renee at renee.hobbs@temple.edu.

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