Boston Globe Article on Grassroots Community Radio Initiative

September 27, 2007

In today’s Globe, Clea Simon writes

How does someone start a radio station? And why would anyone want to? These are the questions that community activist Grace Ross and radio journalists David Goodman and John Grebe have been asking themselves since last spring.

Next month along with other colleagues as members of the Grassroots Community Radio Initiative, they’ll be filing papers with the Federal Communications Commission. This is the first step of a lengthy application process, but only the latest development in what has become an ongoing project.”

Read the article here.

To learn more about this process, visit


State House Hearing on Tuesday June 5 at 10AM in Gardner Auditorium

June 2, 2007

From Cambridge Community Television:

Join CCTV at the State House 6/5 to Oppose the Verizon Bill!

“Verizon is pressing hard to change the way that cable companies do business in the Commonwealth. They have proposed a bill at the State House that threatens CCTV’s channels and funding, as well as the City’s control over our streets and sidewalks. We need YOU to come to the State House on June 5th at 10 AM to tell our legislators to Kill the Bill!

The hearing before the Joint Committee on Telecommunications is June 5th at 10 AM in Gardner Auditorium (or meet up with other CCTV members at 9 AM to travel to the State House together). Even if you do not plan to speak, your presence will have an impact. If you DO speak, talk briefly about your experiences as a user of CCTV’s services, and your fears that public access will lose funding and channels under the proposal.

In the meantime, please contact your state legislators and City Councilors and urge them to oppose the bill. Attached is a 14-point list of reasons to oppose the bill and contact information for our legislators and those on the Telecommunications Committee. If you do contact anyone in writing, please send a copy to, or CCTV, 675 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA. 02139.

You can read more about the bill here:
and here:

Here is what YOU can do:

  • Contact your state legislators and those who are on the Joint Telecommunications Committee, and urge them to kill the bill! (contact information is attached to this article)
  • Contact your City Councilors and urge them to oppose the bill
  • Come to the State House Hearing on June 5 at 10 AM in A-2
  • Download “10 Reason to Oppose the Verizon Bill” (PDF download) to learn more about the issues and take action!
  • Download a list of Legislative Contacts (PDF download)


Verizon Bill Strategy Blog

March 8, 2007

John Donovan (CCTV) created People First, a “weblog/strategy piece”, as a way for people to work together to defeat the Verizon bill in the Massachusetts State House. The site provides a comprehensive approach towards achieving this goal.

“Verizon has introduced a bill into the Massachusetts State Legislature which is a disaster in more ways than one could even count, and they are putting a full-court lobbying and media press on to pass it, with extraordinary local and national dollars behind it. We need to kill this bill, but it’s going to take a seriously organized effort to win.

If you’re concerned about the future of community access to media and free speech, check out the blog and get involved.

Action Alert! from The Alliance for Community Media

December 8, 2006

Demand Fair Play for PEG Community,
Our Towns And Cities!

(From The Alliance for Community Media)

Take Action Now!

“The Alliance is calling on all supporters of Community Media to call and write the FCC no later than Wednesday, December 13!

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is preparing to issue a rule-making on video-franchising. This rule-making is the bureaucratic version of the national telecom laws we helped to defeat this past year. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. We cannot allow the FCC do to us what some members of Congress were unable to do.

Part of what is being proposed:

  • All PEG, I-Net and other in-kind services would be counted against 5% franchise fees. 5% would be an absolute cap.
  • Municipalities would have to approve new franchises for telephone companies within 90 days or allow them to operate without franchises.
  • There would be no build-out requirements allowed whatsoever.

We expect a vote by December 20th.”

Take Action Now!

Media Literacy Series at CCTV

November 29, 2006

From the Cambridge Community Television November 29, 2006 E-Newsletter:

CCTV and SCAT Team Up to Produce Media Literacy Series

“CCTV and our colleagues at SCAT (Somerville Access) have teamed up to produce a new media literacy TV series called ‘Critical Focus.’ Details about the series can be found at the show’s weblog here.

The program will be shot live each month, before a studio audience at either CCTV or SCAT, and cablecast to both cities simultaneously through a newly activated interconnect. And we have limited seating in the studio for those who wish to participate, through their comments and questions, in the conversations among the featured panelists. The first episode is about Media and War, and will be shot live in the SCAT Studio at 90 Union Square in Somerville on Thursday, December 14th, from 8-9 p.m. CCTV has a total of 10 tickets to give out to CCTV members or friends who wish to be part of the studio audience. So if this is a topic in which you have specific interest or questions, please contact John Donovan directly at (617) 661-6900 x123 or

Tickets for the other episodes will be announced about a month in advance of each episode. The first episode shot in CCTV’s studio will be on Thursday, January 11th, from 8-9 p.m.; and the topic will be ‘Growing Up with Media: How youth and media influence each other.’ Subsequent episode themes include: ‘Race and Religion in the Media’, ‘Gender and Sexuality’, ‘How Media Ownership Affects Content’, and ‘Changing the Media.’ If you know of people who should be invited to participate in any of these episodes, please add your comments to the show weblog or contact John Donovan directly.”

CTCVista Project Fall/Winter 2006 Digest

November 21, 2006

Over at the CTC Vista Project Digest Colleen Kelly from Project: Think Different writes about P:TD’s new Media Watch Team in her article titled, “Media Literacy on the Streets (of Boston)

“Our objective through the Media Action Series is to create a culture in which young people believe in their power to create change in the media and beyond, and to provide youth the education and access to resources to become well informed, socially responsible, and participatory citizens of society.”

The fall edition includes:

  • One Alumna’s Advice for CTC VISTAs, by (former CTC VISTA) Molly Szymanski – “Working on a project that requires knowledge of local resources can be difficult especially if you haven’t been in the city long enough to be familiar with community networks.”
  • Rethinking “Internet for Everyone” & Social Networking, by (current VISTA) Brittney Fosbrook – “Why would case managers use this technology tool, they questioned, if they could barely navigate the internet? It is true, many of the people in the office have not been provided with the intensive technology training that I have taken for granted.”
  • Community Networking Hits Media Mainstream (Almost)!, by Frank Odasz – “Perhaps future programs will focus on the lessons learned from thousands of community technology centers and community networks struggling to educate citizens, generate local content, and provide fiber and wireless broadband access.”

Learn more about the CTC Vista Project here.

Save Public Access!

August 31, 2006

(From Cambridge Community Television‘s E-mail Update for Sept. 1, 2006)

“When the US Senate reconvenes, it is expected to consider H.R. 5252, the Advanced Telecommunications and Opportunity Reform (ATOR) Act.

This is the bill that has been pushed through Congress by Verizon, in an attempt to remove local control over cable franchising and allow telecommunications service providers to pick and choose which neighborhoods and communities they wish to serve. The bill also threatens internet neutrality. (See Save The Internet for more information.)

We need you to call our Senators and say ‘I urge the Senator to do everything within his power to keep H.R. 5252 from being voted on. If it IS brought to a vote, I urge the Senator to vote against the bill.

To take action:

Call Sen. Kennedy now at 617-565-3170.

Call Sen. Kerry now at 617-565-8519.”