Creative Voices Call For Stronger Net Neutrality Rules

October 25, 2006

The Center for Creative Voices in Media filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission yesterday calling for “strong and enforceable” Net Neutrality conditions for the AT&T – BellSouth merger.

What is at stake here is nothing less than the future of the Internet, and whether the future Internet will be open or closed to independent and diverse voices and viewpoints. Not just creative voices – all voices. Will consumers retain the freedom to access any website, as they could when government policies were in place that ensured nondiscriminatory access, or will they be restricted to visiting sites approved by – or in business with – the “gatekeeper” that provides high speed Internet access?

The entire comments can be found by following this link.


Media Reform Groups Speak Out Against FCC “Scandal”

September 19, 2006

Press Release from Free Press and the Future of Music Coalition:

Second Secret Study Surfaces at FCC

Whistleblower leaks radio ownership report buried under Powell administration

” A Federal Communications Commission study on the negative impacts of radio consolidation came to light Monday after being buried at the agency for at least two years. This was the second secret FCC study on media ownership to surface in as many weeks.

‘This is a scandal,’ said Josh Silver, executive director of Free Press. ‘Apparently, FCC officials are willing to deep-six any research that contradicts industry’s pro-consolidation claims. They can’t be trusted. There needs to be an independent investigation and a full review of all research conducted under the leadership of Michael Powell and Kevin Martin.’

The study, a ‘Review of the Radio Industry’ conducted by the FCC Media Bureau, found that the Telecommunications Act of 1996 had led to a drastic decline in the number of radio station owners — even as the actual number of commercial stations in the United States had increased.

A copy of the study is available at

The press release is here.

Rock The Vote for Net Neutrality!

June 14, 2006

I was talking with a friend of mine recently about how independent musicians and artists really need to start making some noise about the threats facing the Internet. This was mainly fueled by a recent article that I passed on written by Parul Desai from the Media Access Project. Looks like it's finally starting to happen!

Save The Internet writes today that "An alliance of singer-songwriters has come together to urge fans to take action before Congress scraps Net Neutrality and harms independent music."

The alliance has formed a band, The Broadband! Excellent.

The Broadband is Kay Hanley, Jill Sobule, and Michelle Lewis.

"Three singer/songwriters met at a Los Angeles recovery center for those suffering from internet-related anger issues. How could Congress vote to destroy one of the only good things left in America? This made no sense! How could so few people be enraged? What were people doing to keep network neutrality the law of the land?

They realized that they had found kindred spirits in one another and needed to work through their newfound political rage. Their counselor suggested that they could channel their frustration through song, interpretative dance, screaming or simply calling Congress over and over. When they discovered that Michelle was afraid of morons, they decided to just do the singing part. And thus The BroadBand was born.

God Save the Internet is their first outing. It will soon be sweeping the nation."

Download the song, Save The Internet, and don't forget about Access!