ACMEBoston promotes a critical media literacy framework that questions, challenges, and creates alternatives to corporate media images and messages. Through ACMEBoston, you will find tools and resources that link critical media literacy education to civic activism and engagement, including:

  • “Free Teaching Resources” Free media literacy guides from the Action Coalition for Media Education, including “Teaching the Language of the Image: 24 Persuasive Techniques”, “Questioning Media: 10 Basic Media Education Principles”, and “Raising Media Saavy Kids”
  • “Media Literacy Portal” Artist, educator, and ACMEBoston member Nettrice Gaskins’ Media Literacy Portal provides a “practical overview of and information portal for media literacy and education”.
  • “Building Bridges with Community Organizations” ACMEBoston highlights, supports, and collaborates with a number of media and social justice organizations in the Greater Boston area that use a critical media literacy foundation in their work towards media and social change.


Action Coalition for Media Education: Free Teaching Resources


The Action Coalition for Media Education provides a number of free resources including monthly curricula, lesson plans, and classroom activities.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the following ACME Free Teaching Resources:

Every month ACME provides new resources in a series of free media-literacy curricula at Media Literacy Monday.

Some of the items from past months include:

  • Tackling the Beer Barons – The media literacy lesson of the SuperBowl and alchohol maketing.
  • Smoking Out Big Tobacco – Highlighting youth media production.
  • Challenging Big Media News and Censorship – Project Uncensored
  • Women’s History Month – Thousands of classes and more than 4700 students participated in the online Women’s History Month poll, which asked young people to weigh in about images and stories about women in media.
  • Black History Month – Resources that highlight history and concepts of race in the U.S.

Visit the Action Coalition for Media Education for more free media education resources. Consider becoming an ACME member today to continue to help make these great resources available and to join many of the leaders in media education, arts, and activism!


Media Literacy Portal

Massachusetts College of Art and University of Massachusetts Boston Professor and ACMEBoston member Nettrice Gaskin’s Media Literacy Portal provides “a practical overview of and information portal for media literacy and education.”


“In almost every act of our lives whether in the sphere of politics or business in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the media.

Media is the plural of medium. The word medium (from Latin, in which it means, ‘the one in the middle’) can have different meanings in different contexts. In communications and technology it can mean a transmission medium, mass media, a recording medium, or interactive media.

Media can be used for a variety of purposes such as advocacy, enrichment and education, entertainment, journalism, public service announcements, personal, or artistic expression.

Some types of media include newpapers, magazines, film, radio, television, World Wide Web, books, CDs, and DVDs.

Media literacy is defined as the ability to read, analyze, evaluate, and produce a communication in a variety of media forms (television, print, radio, Web, etc.). Regarding media literacy there are several topics to consider such as:

  • The processes involved in critically analyzing and creating media messages
  • The business of mass media or the globalization of media
  • The intersection of media and government
  • The nature of journalism and the issue of media bias
  • The sociopolitical nature of the media’s content such as the depiction of stereotypes and violence”

Visit the Media Literacy Portal to learn more.


Develop, Amplify, and Engage at Project: Think Different


Project: Think Different — Music, Film and Video that empowers you to think differently and think BIG about your ability to change the world.

Ready to work your creativity to make a message of social change? Maybe you don’t think of yourself as an artist or an activist, but you know you’ve got something to say.
Perhaps you are an educator and want to empower your students to create their own messages. Maybe you work with a community group, church, or social change organization that has a socially conscious message to share.

We offer diverse programs to help folks develop their messages. Our primary approaches are:

  • artistic workshops
  • media literacy and action training
  • music, film + video “contests of conscience”
  • apprenticeships
  • video production services
  • audio production services

Get in touch! Call us at 617.320.6433. Project: Think Different looks for people who have something to say and want a way to say it. We teach people to use public media, video, film and sound technologies to craft their ideas into creative messages that educate and move people.

Visit Project: Think Different to get your message into the media and out to the world.

Make sure to visit Empowerment Records and the new Empowerment CD! Empowerment Records is is dedicated to socially conscious and responsible music that amplifies underrepresented perspectives and priorities to promote equity and fairness for positive change.


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