ACMEBoston provides opportunities for citizens in the Greater Boston area to mobilize for media and social change through civic activism and engagement. ACMEBoston provides some of the ways you can get involved to create a more just, equitable, and representative media system and society:

  • “Save Public Access TV!” Learn about how media policy issues in Congress affecting the future of Public, Educational, and Government Access TV could negatively impact the ablity for people to have a voice and be heard in our local media and in our communities.
  • “Greater Boston Anti-Racism Media Watch Blog” Monitor and hold local media accountable for racist content and representation. Analyze, share your comments, and take action to show how white privilege and power frame media content.
  • “Join a National Campaign for Media Justice and Reform” ACMEBoston also participates in nationwide media justice and reform efforts through connecting with national organizations that provide opportunities for individuals in Greater Boston to take action and make our voices heard.


Protect Local Franchising and Public Access TV!


Act Now to Protect Local Franchising and Public Access TV!

“On November 7, [2005] a Snowstorm! blanketed the entire United States, from Florida to Alaska, from Hawai’i to Maine as Public, Educational and Government (PEG) channels simultaneously showed one minute of video snow, in protest and solidarity.

This nation has come to a critical juncture in the legislative battle to protect local franchising— especially Public, Educational, Government and Institutional Network resources for our communities.

The bills before Congress, as written, give a few powerful corporations absolute control over the information passing into and out of every home in America. No people can be free who do not have freedom to share any information they feel they need to make decisions. The green-space provided by Public, Educational and Governmental access channels is a real protection against corporate domination of our communities.

Corporations should have the freedom to compete and innovate. Do our children deserve less? We believe in profits, but not at the expense of our Democracy.

If you believe that freedom of information is key to democracy, then” CLICK HERE “to voice your concern about the pending legislation. Your concern will be automatically forwarded to your Congressional Representatives. The time to speak out is now.” – Alliance for Community Media

Download the Save Access Tookit! from
Manhattan Neighborhood Network and Take Action at Save Access!


Boston Neighborhood Producers Group



“The Boston Neighborhood Producer’s Group (BNPG) is Boston’s first and only nonprofit advocacy group which was formed in response to the need for increased neighborhood representation and involvement in the public access television process. Much of the programming that is seen on Boston’s access channel 23, such as Sports Showcase, Rappin’ with Linda E!, An Evening with Mary Live, Cabo Zoom TV, Parent’s Management, It’s In the Word, Achievement Access, and other shows are all produced by members of our organization. Our members and supporters consist of access producers, cable subscribers, non-cable subscribers, and others who are committed to keeping access television alive as a viable and affordable alternative to commercial television.”


“The mission of the Boston Neighborhood Producer’s Group is to inform, educate, and to get people involved in the public access television process. We do this by bringing to the public’s attention those issues and concerns that impact access television, not just locally but nationally.”

Visit the Boston Neighborhood Producer’s Group and Support Public Access TV!


Greater Boston Anti-Racism Media Watch


The Greater Boston Anti-Racism Media Watch Blog. This blog has been created as an online activist tools to monitor and hold local media accountable for racist media representation and to analyze, share your comments, and take action to show how white power and privilege frame media content.

This blog is a project of Community Change Inc. and the Action Coalition for Media Education, Greater Boston Chapter.


Local Alliance Created for Media Policy Reform

ACMEBoston, CCTV, and Media Policy Blog, have joined in a Greater Boston coalition for media policy reform. This alliance has agreed to work to engage the public in upcoming legislative battles that have the potential to threaten the ability for individuals in our local communities to have a voice within our current media landscape.

Media Policy Blog allows individuals to make their voices heard, right now, about media policy debates through contributing digital media content. The coalition will also work to reach a larger audience with this new media content.We are working to create an online civic space to share ideas, create concrete action steps, and to craft clear language about complex issues in order to connect with a diverse constituency in Greater Boston.We are also establishing a local media policy working group to meet offline to discuss ways for greater public participation and civic engagement, as Congress begins rewriting legislation that will determine the future of the media.

See the blogpost at Media Policy Blog (Local Alliance Created for Media Policy Reform).


Media Empowerment Project Organizing Manual


What is Media Empowerment?

“Media Empowerment means communities taking back the power to define themselves, their needs and their vision. It means empowering people with the knowledge and skills to make media work for justice in their communities.”


The Media Empowerment Project grows out of the United Church of Christ’s historic commitment to civil rights in media advocacy. The project is grounded in the belief that struggles for social, racial and gender justice must address questions of media ownership, accountability and access in order to truly be effective. MEP has partnered with four diverse communities around the country. We are working with people of color, women and youth to help them think about how media could best serve their needs and advance their struggles for social justice. The Media Empowerment Project provides communities with the support and training needed to organize for meaningful, lasting change. Together with community organizers, we are documenting and publicizing these experiences to empower others around the country to take on the struggle for media justice. (More)”

Organizing Manual (Click Here to Download)


The manual is a resource for communities interested in organizing around media. It provides: a framework for understanding why media matters and how different aspects of media are related; useful facts and statistics; stories of successful grassroots campaigns; and a chapter of resources on different tactics and skills for organizing around media.”

Visit The Media Empowerment Project online to learn more and to support their work.

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