Sign Up to Deliver the Internet Freedom Petition to Senator Kennedy!

Sign Up to support Internet Freedom now and help deliver a petition to Senator Kennedy’s Office in Boston this Wednesday! Here are the details from

Senator Kennedy’s Boston Office
30 Aug 12:00 PM

“Senator Kennedy needs to know his constituents are paying attention to his upcoming vote on Net Neutrality and expect him to vote the right way. We will deliver thousands of petition signatures from Massachusetts residents asking him to support Net Neutrality. Media will be invited.” – “Internet Freedom Petition Delivery“,

Location: Senator Kennedy’s Boston Office, 2400 JFK Building, Boston, MA
Host: Adam Green
Status: Public, open for RSVP, 52 Guests (Max 100)

Save The Internet : Act Now

One Response to Sign Up to Deliver the Internet Freedom Petition to Senator Kennedy!

  1. HandsOff43 says:

    I work for the Hands Off the Internet Coalition. Is the internet really in danger? According to the Chair of the Federal Trade Commission, extensive net neutrality legislation currently pending in the US Senate is unnecessary because there has been no demonstrated harm to consumers, that normal market forces would be likely to prevent any problems, and that new laws would cause more problems than they solve.

    In addition, The American Consumer Institute’s research found that the “push for regulation is being made by the most profitable internet firms (i.e. google, yahoo) and that the consumers best interests are not in line with this regulation.”

    I urge you to research the facts before signing the petition. Don’t you think this issue should be left to the FTC, FCC and Department of Justice rather than members of Congress who lack the knowledgebase to write this type of legislation? Thank you for your time.

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