New ACMEBoston Website Up for Comment and Review!

A draft version of the new ACMEBoston website is up for your comments and suggestions. Please take the time to visit the site and use the comment form at the end of this post to add your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.

Looking forward to continuing the conversation at our next ACMEBoston meeting Thursday December 8th at Community Change Inc.

6 Responses to New ACMEBoston Website Up for Comment and Review!

  1. Nettrice says:

    Very nice!

    I think the logo will serve well as a banner for the site and maybe even a bumper sticker.

    I appreciate the simplicity of the site and the navigation across the very top but it did take me a moment to find the navigation. Perhaps it needs to be under the logo and also across the bottom (footer).

    Overall, I think the site looks excellent. 🙂

  2. Colin says:

    So, it seems Joomla! (which is the CMS I am using to manage the site) has some serious issues with the Internet Explorer web browser.

    If some of you are seeing some weird formatting problems with the site, this is why. I’m checking out the Joommla! Forums to see if I can fix this.

    Until then, get youself a free download of Firefox ( if you aren’t using it already and enjoy!

  3. Nettrice says:

    Colin, I am having similar issues with IE (and CSS) and so I am using Firefox almost exclusively. If you are using a Mac the last version Microsoft made was a couple of years ago. The site might look different on a PC with XP.

    Another option is creating a HTML splash page with a notice to open using Firefox or Safari.

  4. Colin says:

    Nettrice, thanks for your comment. I’m digging throught the Joomla! Forums ( to see if there’s a CSS formatting solution that will help the site view better in IE.

    I like the idea of a splash page. If I don’t get anywhere with the formatting (using my limited web design skills!), I think we should probably go with a splash page. Thanks again.

  5. jdaniels says:

    I like the site and am amazed at what CSS can do to the web experience.

    A few thoughts:

    1) The logo looks a little isolated inside that blue header. I’d like to see us do something with that area to make it flow a little more.

    2) That create, educate, mobilize circular graphic was so cool, I think it should be somewhere prominent on this site.

    3) It might be nice if the the links page were arranged so that the categories stayed at the top instead of undernaeth the links.

    4) No problem viewing it here. We use Firefox.

    5) I really like the latest news, and always think that kind of information, very accessible, is important. Like to see even more.

    6) When we enter into a subcategory, – for instance – create, educate or mobilize – can that be a two column page as well? Content in one and info in the other maybe???


  6. Colin says:

    Jason, thanks for all your really great comments. Been trying to work on incorporating many of these ideas, but I have very limited web skills so I might need some help.

    I did however extend the ACMEBoston Latest News section, which is actually just an aggregator of the most recent posts on each of the pages, but I really like it. I think it encourages visitors to move around the site.

    I also added a banner section which I hope we’ll be able to highlight some local groups and organizations in the Boston area (including DN! on local access).

    Look forward to talking more on Thursday.–>

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