Bleak Future for Free Flow of Web Information?

Tim Karr, Free Press Campaign Director, writes on his blog

"The profit motive of a few corporations would supplant the freedoms of all users, determining which innovations end up shaping our digital future. The threat is real. These companies could block us from viewing a favorite podcast or blog, cut off net phones unless we use the company service, or force us to download MP3s from their company store while slowing access to other music sites . . .

Only a public outcry can restore this founding principle, before it becomes a footnote in the history of the Internet’s fall."

The National Cable and Telecommunications Association, however, tells Congress "Putting so-called Net Neutrality principles into law may sound warm and fuzzy but they are not 'neutral' in any real sense. They represent a choice and a departure with serious consequences".

What do you think about the debate? (post your comments below)

To read the rest of Karr's post "Network Neutrality: Dead on Arrival?" click here.

To read the rest of the NCTA's position on Network Neutrality click here.

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