My Meeting with ACME Vice President Alison Brzenchek

This evening I met with Alison Brzenchek, ACME Vice President for Media Reform and Activism to discuss ACMEBoston and our work moving forward. Here are some of the things we talked about:

1. Receiving tools and resources from ACME that ACMEBoston could use for running media education workshops (ie, Alison's Powerpoint on Race and the Media, New Mexico Media Literacy Project Manual, and other resources).

2. The possibility of ACME doing a media literacy workshop for ACMEBoston members and other media educators, here in Boston.

3. We talked about a guest author/contributor for the Media Reform section of this month’s BACME newsletter.

4. We discussed sending BACME out to Media Tank's List (visit Media Tank's website to learn more).

5. I forgot to ask Alison if ACME has any connection to/relationship with NAMAC? I told her that Nettrice is on the board and that they are doing some really excellent work.

6. I mentioned that it would be great for ACME members to consider participating in a Critical Media Literacy Education “MediaWiki”. Allowing ACME members to come together through an online participatory forum to create media education materials and curricula. Once created, these resources could be highlighted by ACME Chapters and on the ACME website for download and use (very excited about this one!). Look forward to speaking with all of you more about this.

7. ACMEBoston proposal for the fall summit, “Critical Media Literacy for The Digital Age” (working title) workshop.

Look forward to continuing this discussion at our ACMEBoston Monthly Meeting next Tuesday March 7th at Community Change, where we'll screen "Class Dismissed" and talk about the planning for our event at the end of March or early April at UMass Boston.

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