CJR Daily on Fake News Reports in the MSM

Following up from Nicole's post on Thursday, I just found an article by Paul McLeary on CJR Daily about the troubling state of TNC's (transnational corporations) as MSM (mainstream media).

April 7, 2006
Fake News Takes Over Airwaves, Reporters Fall Asleep

"This week, lost in the unhealthy obsession with what Katie Couric's daughters and green grocer think about her move to the CBS News anchor chair, was an actual news story that both business and media reporters should be all over.

As CJR Daily noted yesterday, the New York Times reported that an alarming number of local television news stations across the country are still airing manufactured reports as news without disclosing that the segments are actually produced by corporations pitching new products…"

Leary ends by saying, "We were hoping we'd see some follow-up pieces today; it's hard to understand why so many business and media writers seem to think that this is a non-story.

But then, we guess they need to keep those phone lines open, just in case Katie Couric's hairdresser has a bit of gossip to share."

Read the article here.

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