Next Steps for ACMEBoston Beyond the FCC’s NPRM

There’s a great article by Lyell Davies (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) that’s circulated on many of the IMC sites. It talks about next steps in mobilizing public support for public access TV, beyond the FCC’s NPRM.

Davies writes, “The question advocates for Community Access TV now must answer is ‘what are we going to do to defeat upcoming legislation that threatens the future of Access TV?’”

“The challenge advocates for Access TV now face is mobilizing an effective campaign in opposition to this legislation” and to develop “an alternative view of what we want for the future.”

One way ACMEBoston could achieve this goal is to continue to work with the people who use public access TV to create media and make their voice heard.

The videos published on Media Policy Blog here, here, and here, are just a few of the public testimonies about the impact of Public Access on their lives.

These are the people who understand the impact that legislation could have on public access to media and their lives. ACMEBoston should focus our work to connect directly with these and other local residents who already understand the importance of Public Access TV and move outwards to connect with more people.

At the last Media Policy meeting at CCTV, we invited the experts–now it's time to invite the producers, supporters, and the public to join the conversation.

These bills are moving quickly to a vote in the coming months, maybe as early as “late April or early May”. The time to organize is now!

Davies goes on to write that “In the long run if Access TV advocates are going to be effective they are going to have to build the nationwide infrastructure to organize and mobilize large numbers of people to voice their support for Community Media at hearings of the kind the FCC is planning, and in response to Congressional hearings as they are scheduled”.

The plan is simple: Connect, support, and build outwards with those who already understand the importance of Public Access TV to organize broader public support to retain local control of our media and democracy.

We can't afford to wait.

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