ACMEBoston on BNN (again) Tonight at 7PM

I'm speaking tonight on BNN (live this time, hopefully) with Ada Robinson from the Boston Neighborhood Producers Group. We'll be discussing last week's disappointing 27 to 4 vote that passed the COPE bill out of the House Subcommittee for Telecommunications and the Internet. I hope to emphasize how devastating this event was it relates to the following three main issues:

(1) Video Franchising–the dramatic shift from local to national control of media.
(2) Net Neutrality–preserving a free and open internet, as it was originally intended.
(3) Universal Service–without some (any) guarantee that all communities will receive access to new video, voice, and data services in the future, redlining is going to happen, whether there is an anti-redlining provision in the bill, or not.

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