Updates on Senate Telecom Bill and Live Blogging Congress

If you missed last Thursday's Senate markup on S. 2686, the Communications, Consumers' Choice, and Broadband Deployment Act of 2006, you can listen to audio from the session here.

While I applaud the Commerce Commitee website for having a RSS newsfeed, it would also be helpful if they made a podcast available from their hearings and markup sessions at the Audio/Video page on their website.

Save Access writes, "The Senate Commerce Committee mark-up session for S.2686 will resume Tues. June 27th at 10:00. Continue to Email Your Senators!

Over 200 amendments are to be discussed for possible inclusion, including one on broadcast flag with onerous copy protection (see EFF)"

There's also a summary of last Thursday's hearing that was live blogged by Kathy Gill over at About.com, which is great. Jason and I did this (but nowhere near as detailed) over at the Media Policy Blog during a February hearing on Net Neutrality.

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