Internet Freedom Under Fire: Act Now

(via Free Press)

"The CEOs of the largest cable and telephone companies are hatching a scheme that would give them control over what content you can view and what services you can use on the Internet.

Their plan would do away with the principle of 'network neutrality' and shut down the open roadway we've come to expect on the Internet.

If big media companies are allowed to limit the fastest services to those who can pay their toll, upstart Web services, consumers, bloggers and new media makers alike all could be cut off from digital revolution.

When large media companies are left to their own devices, the result is always content and services that serve no one but themselves. An open and independent Internet is the antidote to these predatory practices.

Join tens of thousands of activists who are standing up to protect our Net freedoms. Tell the CEO's to stop treating our Internet as their fiefdom." – Free Press

Click Here To Sign The Letter–And Add Your Own Message To Send (It Means More)!

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